National History Museum Port Louis Mauritius

Natural History Museum

In the capital of Mauritius Port Louis there is a very popular museum called the Natural history museum. If you are interested about knowing more about Mauritius then take your time to visit this very informative museum that will provide you with more information about the country’s history and culture. Combine this visit with visiting Caudan and the Bazaar which can also be found in Port Louis.

The best thing about the natural history museum is that it is completely free for all visitors whether you are a tourist or resident. The only downside is that you need to have a very good memory as the museum does not let you take pictures. It is a great shame as there are many things that are found there that do not exist anymore or that are fascinating to know about as it is important to the small island of Mauritius.

Unfortunately the museum is very old and does not have air con, try to visit on a cool or rainy day so you don’t overheat or become irritated. Bring a bottle of water with you so you keep dehydrated. The museum itself is very small and you should expect to be there for around an hour or so.

The museum dates back to the 1800’s there are many displays of the rare and exotic fauna found on the island and the surrounding islets that belong to Mauritius. On display you will see birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, tortoises and shells. Many of the items on display are now extinct or very rare; it’s nice comparing what is still here and what no longer exists as you try to piece together the history of Mauritius.

The most popular exhibition has to be that of the Dodo, there is the only full skeleton of the Dodo on display. It is a very large bird, much larger than a turkey and due to its size and laziness it was unable to fly even though it had wings. This is the reason it became extinct because it was too lazy and heavy to fly away so they were easy prey. The exhibition is fascinating as they really give you all the information about the Dodo and how it became extinct.

The museum is also a nice day out from the hustle and bustle of the capital as it gets very busy, children can also learn about nature and marine life.

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